Our Practice

Over the last few years, the communications needs of businesses and organizations have grown in sophistication beyond the ‘press center’ requirement. We have not only witnessed this change, but we also led and supported it at times, especially when the best business result could be achieved more efficiently and effectively through non-media communication channels.

Since 2008, we have successfully implemented audience engagement initiatives using mainstream media channels and alternative communication channels, including round-tables, special sessions, analyst concalls, and in special cases we have even held off-the-record meetings with politicians to manage perceptions of a developing business/political issue. Regardless of the method we implement and the channels we utilize, our commitment is always to the business objective. What we bring to the table is a strong set of home-grown communications skills and talents harnessed by a team of communication professionals with over ten years experience in our own home market.

What we do

We help ‘socialize’ your brand

Though print media and TV still has a stronghold on business communication, social media is growing at rapid pace. In the last ten years we have successfully run social media campaigns for clients on both the product-level and the brand-level and now it is a vital component of our communication strategies.  How do we do it? We build and execute social media strategies and campaigns from the ground up with specific goals and objectives, including customer engagement, product launches, press center management, investor communication, and issues management through social media tactics.  Our work has not only engaged customers, but also had direct positive impact on the sales both in terms of units sold and bottom line revenue.

(We work with PR departments, sales divisions, and marketing departments. Contact us to know more about how we can help you engage your audiences through social media.)

We help build your investor story

Over the last ten years we have served as communications consultants on some of the most prominent financial transactions executed in the region.  Combined, these financial transactions have a value of USD3 billion, and we have helped clients build their investor stories to effectively communicate these transactions, which included rights issues, IPOs, and buyouts.  We work with the client on developing their financial story and then telling it to stakeholders through various open channels such as conventional and social media, and closed channels such as stakeholder sessions, concalls, or webcasts.

(We also work with client-retained transaction advisers, contact us to know more about how we’ve helped others and how we can help you communicate your client’s transaction.)

We help manage your reputation

When asset valuations sunk and markets across the world went on a downward spiral, all that was left were people’s reputations. Your reputation became the reason why people returned your call…or not.  In a post-crisis world, reputation has become a company’s biggest asset, and we work with clients on managing and growing this asset. Building a reputation is a long-term process that is based on a company’s own performance first and foremost. Let us help you get the reputation you deserve for the work you’ve done.

(We work directly with CEOs and business support units too. Contact us to know how we can help you build and manage your company’s reputation.)

 We help position your M&A transaction

Sell-side or buy-side, we help you engage your internal, external and regulatory audiences. The reasons and benefits of selling a stake in a company or acquiring a complimentary business could be a no-brainer for the management. But sometimes the benefits are not too obvious for employees, suppliers, and especially shareholders of a widely traded company. We work with CEOs and CFOs on positioning the transaction to the stakeholders using media-based and non-media-based communication channels using open workflow model that enables us to work directly with the client and the transaction adviser.

(Contact us to review the transactions we served on and how we can help you communicate your financial transaction.)

 We help run your press center operations

Our communications team has over ten years experience in running successful press center operations and media engagement campaigns.  We have developed and run day-to-day press center operations, managed short-term issues, and even led crisis communication teams in peace time, war time, and during the financial crisis.

Our media strength is in Kuwait and the Gulf, and our reach extends to Egypt and the Levant, where we have built a track-record of engaging media with our clients’ messages and stories. Let us build your company’s press center, and we will not only run it, but also make you sure it is properly transitioned internally when you feel the need to take it over.

(Contact us to to know how we can help you run your press center so you can focus on running your business.)

We help engage your analysts

Financial analysts are becoming more influential as markets, traders, and investors in the Middle East mature. Like we have done with our other clients, Bensirri PR will work with you on building your analyst database with analysts who cover your sector, so that they are better informed about your business and are therefore enabled to make better recommendations to their clients. Bensirri PR is the only communication firm in Kuwait and one of the few in the Middle East with a proven track-record of actively engaging analysts.  We work according to international best practices in investor communications.

(Contact us to to know how we can engage your analysts.)



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